History and Mission of the Association of Marshall Scholars

Marshall Scholarships are available by application to any young American with high academic achievement (3.7 GPA or above) who wishes to study for a graduate degree anywhere in the United Kingdom. Information about the scholarship can be found here.

The program was established through an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom in 1953, as an act of gratitude by the British people for the American Marshall Plan. Information about the history of the program can be found here.

The Association of Marshall Scholars (AMS) was formed in 1988 as a charitable (“501(c)(3)”) organization for the following purposes:

  • to publicize the Marshall Scholarship Program in the United States and to provide information on British educational institutions and programs of study;
  • to aid in the selection of future Marshall Scholars and to assist them with any information of an educational or social nature which they might desire;
  • to maintain contact among Marshall Scholars and Marshall Scholar Alumni through publication of newsletters or by other appropriate means; and
  • to sponsor such programs that would further the charitable and educational aims of the Marshall Scholarship Program.

Since that time, under the leadership of several presidents — Kathleen Sullivan (1988 – 1991), Frank Trumbower (1991 – 1992), Rein Uritam (1992 – 2001), Bob Kyle (2001 – 2006), Ted Leinbaugh, OBE (2006 – 2008), Bill Coquillette (2008 – 2011), Bob Gray (2011 – 2015), Andrew Klaber (2015 – 2019), and Meena Seshamani (2019 – present) — the AMS has held a variety of events for its members, participated in the annual sendoff of newly elected Marshall Scholars and maintained and published a directory of Marshall Scholars, first in print and more recently on its website.

In 2007, the AMS decided to increase its level of activity, including by the election of a new and larger Board of Directors and a larger slate of Officers. Specific committees of the Board have been formed to concentrate on priority activities of the AMS, including the following:

  • Governance and Nominating Committee
  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Fund Development Committee
  • Events and Member Relations Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Marshall Scholarship Program Committee

The reconstituted Board of Directors adopted the following mission statement for the AMS:

The Association of Marshall Scholars fosters personal and professional relationships among Marshall Scholars, supports and publicizes the aims of the Marshall Scholarship Program, and enhances the experience of Marshall Scholars Studying in the United Kingdom, thereby strengthening the enduring relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States.

To further this mission, the AMS is committed to hosting every year at least one regional event for Marshall Scholars in each of the eight consular regions of the United States and one national event. In addition, the AMS is raising money for a Program Support Fund, the annual income of which will be used to pay for “extras” to enhance the experience of the current Marshall Scholars studying in the United Kingdom. These initiatives have enjoyed strong support from the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission, the British Embassy, and the Regional Consulates and have served to strengthen the ties among the AMS and those entities.

A close accord between our two countries is essential to the good of mankind in this turbulent world of today, and that is not possible without an intimate understanding of each other. These scholarships point the way to the continuation and growth of the understanding which found its necessity in the terrible struggle of the war years.

George Marshall


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