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Thinking of ways to give back, strengthen your community, and have lots of fun this year? Join the Association of Marshall Scholars’ (AMS) Regional Events team!

We are currently seeking eager volunteers to serve as Regional Event Coordinators (RECs). Be part of a team that plans and hosts exciting local alumni events that connect Marshalls across disciplines, age groups and interests. REC teams have helped organize social events, lectures, panel discussions, book launches, receptions, museum tours, performances, hikes, dinners, picnics, all ideas are welcome. The AMS provides an annual budget and basic digital tools to manage invitations, costs, event planning and production.

REC responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with your REC team, Co-Directors of Programming, regional consulates, and other strategic partners to plan at least 2 local events annually. (You are welcome to plan more, of course!)
  • Attend regional events, have an awesome time, and meet other Marshalls
  • Report on event attendance, budget expenditure and key outcomes
  • Share ideas, plans and feedback with your REC team; check-in with the Co-Directors of Programming once a quarter; and join a national conference call with all RECs to share best practices and plan new strategies twice a year.

Time commitment: ~20-30 hours a year in total for event planning & reporting, event attendance, and coordination meetings.

We welcome volunteers from Boston, Washington, DC, San Francisco/Bay Area, New York, and Chicago regions.  If you are not located in one of these regions, we still are very eager for you to volunteer! Propose an interesting idea and be willing to roll up your sleeves to make it happen, and the AMS will work with you to fund and implement it!

Please contact if you are interested in becoming a REC or planning a local event. Thank you.



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