Connecting with Marshall Scholars

The Association of Marshall Scholars (AMS) employs multiple communications tools for enabling our community to remain connected. These tools include a website, newsletter, social media platforms, and listservs. Below is a description of each.

Please contact with general questions about, or contributions to, these platforms.

AMS Website
The all-new AMS website is an updated, refreshed, expanded platform for our community to stay connected and both receive and share news. Features of the website include an easy-to-use Marshall Scholar Directory; a helpful, detailed listing of Events and Programs; an online library of publications by and about Marshalls. 

AMS Newsletter
The Marshall Alumni Newsletter is a quarterly publication written, edited, and produced by Marshall Scholar alumni. The current version of the publication began publishing in 2009. The Newsletter seeks to feature reporting on current Scholar activities, profiles on alumna, and class notes by year. Past issues of the Newsletter are available here. Questions? Contact

AMS Scholars in the News
“Scholars in the News” is a regular e-publication by the AMS offering select highlights from news and media around the world that feature recent accomplishments by Marshall Scholars. Email news to

AMS Social Media
The AMS has reinvigorated and expanded our official social media presence. We invite Marshall Scholars to join our closed Facebook group, our public LinkedIn group, and to follow our public Twitter and Instagram accounts. Through these outlets we publish news about Marshall Scholars and the Marshall Scholarship as well as announcements about events and job opportunities.

Posting Content
We aim to be inclusive in our publishing and will do our best to include everyone’s news if time, relevance, and significance permit. Please use your best judgment and we’ll tweak our guidelines over time.

Join our Facebook group
Join the AMS Facebook group, which is open only to Marshall Scholars and other members of the AMS community. You can post messages, photos, videos, and documents on the Group’s wall. To safeguard members’ privacy, we’ve opted for a “closed” Facebook group, meaning that anyone can find the group and see who’s in it, but only members can view and contribute content. This configuration is different from a “secret” group, in which only members see the group, who’s in it, and what members post. We decided to make this group closed rather than secret so that Marshall Scholars who are not yet members could find and request to join the group. 

Connect with us on LinkedIn
Join the AMS LinkedIn account our public social media platform for business-related and job-oriented networking. Once a member, you can post and search for job opportunities under the Jobs section, and you can start or join a discussion about professional opportunities under the Conversations section.

Follow us on Twitter
Follow the public AMS Twitter account. (Note that there is a defunct account @MarshallAlum, so please be sure to add the “s” at the end.) Please include @MarshallAlums in your tweet so we can retweet your recent success, highlight events of interest to the community, and keep the Marshall twittersphere vibrant. Follow us so we can follow you. Contact us if you are interested in guest-moderating our Twitter account!

Follow us on Instagram
Follow the AMS Instagram account – another public platform for sharing curated pictures and video of Marshall Scholar events and current adventures of scholars in the United Kingdom. 

AMS Listservs
The AMS operates a listserv to share professional opportunities (e.g., jobs, fellowships, professional development activities). If you would like to advertise an opportunity or sign up to receive emails contact: Once you are a member, you can view an archive of past messages here. As a member, you can sign up to receive no emails, all emails, or a daily digest consolidating any emails sent to the list that day.  

George’s Tuesday Salon
The AMS operates a Google Group called “George’s Tuesday Salon.” On Tuesday, and Tuesday only, members exchange the best two or three articles, podcasts, or other media on a variety of topics (e.g. tech innovations, literary commentary, films, scientific breakthroughs) that we have come across during the previous week. All messages are limited to a single email thread, and there is no pressure to post each weekonly when you come across something worthwhile. If you have any questions or to request to join the group, please contact Shea Houlihan (’13).

Need to RSVP for an event, have questions about searching the Marshall Scholar database, or want to get more involved?
We would like to hear from you.