Programs & Initiatives

The Marshall Scholarship Program was established by Sir Roger Makins, later Ambassador to the United States and Lord Sherfield, who perceived that the highly specific Rhodes model might be enhanced by extending eligibility to women as well as men, by extending participation to UK universities other than Oxford, and by connecting the new Marshall scholarships to the Foreign Office (now the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) for finance and administration and long-term contact with graduates. The Marshall Scholarships have continuously evolved, and are evolving again beyond academic programs. Policies are being decided and put in place to expose all Marshall scholars more intensively to current government and political issues in the UK, and  more firmly to connect  them to professional and other institutions in Britain, which will enhance their long-term professional development when they return to the United States.    

The AMS is more than an alumni association. It has engaged, in reciprocity, to begin to support financially the new, more extensive non-academic programs for the incumbent scholars and to provide input on how the program might evolve and be implemented. This is an exercise of considerable imagination and verve on the part of the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission and the AMS. The AMS  is also a vibrant, remarkable alumni association of more than 1500, whose interests and accomplishments are quite astonishing and whose members can and should connect and learn about each other through the new website and make contact directly and through frequent AMS events.   

We are working to make sure the benefits of the Marshall scholarships are even better known to promising students and to colleges and universities in the United States. We are also working to support the work of the FCO as the Embassy and Consulates reach out for information about the United States on issues of the day -- political, scientific, foreign relations -- and introduce eminent UK visitors to the United States. We also support the larger stream of relations, well beyond the diplomatic purview, that connect us to Great Britain, so the scholarship grows in significance as it was intended to, and creates a lasting human bond.


"His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, is Patron of the Association of Marshall Scholars."