Public Service Projects

Since 2002, several Marshall Scholar classes have organized group projects, including to help build Rwanda's first public library, to support schools in India, and to raise funds and awareness regarding Darfur and climate change. These “Marshall Scholars’ Public Service Projects” (MSPSPs) have been challenging as well as rewarding. MSPSPs provide an opportunity for Scholars scattered across the UK to come together for a common cause.

This Handbook, edited by Zachary D. Kaufman ’02, with contributions from several other Marshall Scholars and Mary Denyer, and published by the Association of Marshall Scholars, describes past MSPSPs, how they were initiated and organized, what challenges they faced, and how those challenges were addressed. In addition, the Handbook provides information about resources available to current and future classes of Marshall Scholars that may be interested in pursuing their own MSPSPs.

"His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, is Patron of the Association of Marshall Scholars."