Get Involved

Every Marshall Scholar is encouraged to get involved with the Association of Marshall Scholars ("AMS")

You Are Already A Member

Every Marshall Scholar is automatically a member of the AMS.  Dues are voluntary, and each Marshall can determine how much (and whether) he or she will pay annual dues.

Attend Events

The AMS is committed to holding an event in each region of the United States every year.  These events are low key affairs designed to be an opportunity for Marshalls to meet each other and renew old acquaintances.  Typically there is no charge to attend.  While the event may include a presentation on a topic of interest, the main attraction are the Marshalls in attendance.  Often one or more representatives of the regional British Consulate are also in attendance.  The attendees are eager to meet other people who have shared the Marshall experience.  Accordingly, not knowing anyone at the event is no reason to be reluctant to attend (indeed, that would be an important reason to attend!).

Get Connected

The AMS maintains an extensive database of contact information for each Marshall.  Each Marshall should receive periodic notice of events and other information from the AMS.  If you are not receiving this information, please provide your correct contact information to the AMS either through this website or by email to

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Support The AMS

The AMS requests once a year that Marshalls support our organization through a voluntary dues payment.  The AMS relies on the annual dues to pay the cost of events (which are offered without charge to attendees), the AMS website, and administration.  Each Marshall is free to determine the amount of annual dues he or she will pay.  The AMS asks that the average amount of dues per person be $150, which can only be achieved if the higher income Marshalls pay more than the average.  The dues from the other Marshalls who choose to pay less are also critically important, not only financially but also as an expression of participation and broad based AMS support.

In addition to the annual dues, the AMS raises money for its Program Support Fund, the income from which is used to pay for "extras" for the current scholars.  Several significant contributions have been made to this fund, and the AMS expects that a number of Marshalls will want to contribute to this fund as a way of "giving back" in appreciation of their own Marshall experience.

Volunteer To Serve

There are many volunteer opportunities for Marshalls who wish to become involved in AMS's organizational activities.  The Events and Member Relations Committee maintains a subcommittee in each of the 8 consular regions.  These subcommittees organize at least one event each year for Marshalls in the region and stand ready to respond to various needs of the British Consulate in the region.  In addition, the AMS Directors and Officers hold office for limited terms; as a result, there is an ongoing need for Marshalls to step forward  to replace outgoing directors and officers.  Any Marshall who is interested in volunteering to serve the AMS in any capacity is encouraged to contact

"His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, is Patron of the Association of Marshall Scholars."